Vision and Mission of the Institute


    The Institute is intended to establish as the centre of excellence in the area of forensic science through its teaching and research.


    Government Institute of Forensic Science is committed to impart quality education in the field of forensic science. The Institute runs on the five core values, namely, equity, innovation, transparency, efficiency and team work. The Institute incorporates best of the academic practices and infrastructure to provide enhanced value addition and lifelong learning opportunities to its students, so as to make them contribute proactively to the development of their family, society and nation. The Institute is in the mission to generate quality and trained manpower in the area of forensic science to fulfil the needs of forensic science laboratories, law enforcement agencies, judiciary, Banking and Insurance companies and other public and private sector companies, which are involved in forensic services. The Institute is also committed to provide consultancy to the law enforcement agencies, forensic science laboratories and public and private sector companies in all the areas of forensic science. The efforts are being made in the direction of constant revenue generation and utilizing the same for the multifaceted development of the Institute.

2016-17 Government Institute of Forensic Science-Aurangabad

Government Institute Of Science Campus, Nipat Niranjan Nager, Caves Road, Aurangabad-431004
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