well equipped and efficiently managed laboratories for all science courses offered such as Forensic Physics, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Botany ,Forensic Psychology and Digital and Cyber Forensic .
Digital and Cyber Lab Forensic Chemistry Lab Forensic Biology Lab
Forensic Physics Lab Forensic Science Lab Forensic Psychology Lab

Medical Facilities
In case of any eventuality the college has availed well maintained first -aid-boxes
Every college library is centre of knowledge.
About Library
1. Year of Establishment 2009-2010
2. Independant building size 2683 Sq.fit
3. Number of Text Book 2315
4. Number of refrance Book84
5. Number of Hand Books2491
6. Number of books  92
7. Number of Projects 34
8.Number of Digital CDs 46
9. Number of Cost of Books 60,24,781/-
10.Total Cost of New Added Books Year 2013-2014 20,10,104/-
11. Number of Periodicals 07
12. Number of News papers 05
13. Total Issue & return Book Statistic Year 2013-2014  8850
14. Total Members(Student ,Staff,Other Reader)296
15. Working Time 09:00 am to 06:00pm
16. Everyday Transaction :100 to 150 books per day  
 Facilites & service
2 . Reading Room
3. Refrance Service  
4. Internet Service  
5. Open Access Service
6. Current Awareness Service  
7. Paper Cliping  Service  
7. Spacious and Independant reading Halls for Boys and Girls  

Sports & Games
The Institute has extensive sports facilities for a number of games, both indoor and outdoor, Such as Chess,Carom , Volley Ball, Cricket and Athelitics etc. .

National Service Scheme
2014-15 Government Institute of Forensic Science-Aurangabadute Of Science Campus,Nipat Niranjan Nager ,Caves Road ,Aurangabad-431004
Telefax & Telephone No.02400219